Monday, March 5, 2007


I realize that I haven't added any entries to the blog in about two weeks. I've been working a lot trying to save up some comp time for pending visits from family and friends. Otherwise, I've made a few more felt animals and hope to post photos soon. I've sat comotose on the couch watching movies recuperating from work and have managed to see some friends. The biggest excitement (and how lame is this?) was watching Xanadu and knitting at my friend Cindy's house with a gaggle of girls. I haven't even done any reading in ages. I can't seem to finish any of the books that I start.

The big news isn't even mine. Ron has fully transitioned away from apprentice monkey to tattooing full-time. It's exciting for him, but also, I think, somewhat scary to have reached his goal. But I'll tell you - it's terribly exciting for me to walk into the shop and see him tattooing a client rather than sitting behind the front desk.

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andrea said...

oh yes, it's true.... xanadu is coming to off-broadway!!! hahaha...