Saturday, April 7, 2007

Spring has sprung...and I've been enjoying it rather than writing in my blog.

Alright so it's been ages since I posted anything on here. I do have an excuse other than shear laziness. We've had a series of house guests for the past four weeks. I was so busy enjoying their company that I just haven't focused on getting much else done. Lots has happened and probably too much to go on about on here. Highlights included visiting Scary Mary with my brother (possible future post?), trip to Jekyll Island with Dot, Lenny's busted lip and arm and my mom and I reinvigorating our porch with lots of new flowers and plants.

The photos were taken during a couple of day trips during Dorothy's visit. The first photo was taken at Bonaventure Cemetery and is of the gravesite next to the more famous site of Little Gracie. Ron and I seem to head out to Bonaventure somewhat regularly to go exploring - it's what Ron calls our "Goth Date". But a few weeks ago it was unbelievably pretty with the camellia and azalea blossoms out. The second photo is of the DuBignon colonial plantation house on Jekyll Island and the last one is of the Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island. Dot and I headed down to Jekyll for a day to rent bikes and ride around the island. It's unbelievably pretty. At the turn of the 20th Century it was a private island used for the Jekyll Club - a group of millionaires who built a hotel and private homes and used it for getaways. Plus it's the perfect place to ride bikes because bike trails go around the whole island and there's very little car traffic anyhow.

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