Tuesday, July 22, 2008

To be Debt-Free

In my attempts to getting financially fit, I am happy to report that I've established some good habits (fingers crossed, knock on wood that I don't jinx myself). My Excel spreadsheet has been reworked so that it really is perfect for my bills and spending tracking. I'm not always 100% at filling in my incidental spending, but it's helped me to narrow down where my money is going. I've gotten on top of paying all my bills on time which has eliminated extra fees. I'm also much more conscious of bargain shopping. My downfall areas? Craft supplies and eating out.

My next step is to aggressively start paying down credit card debt. I found this good online debt payment calculator. It's a little bit scary how long it will take to pay it down, but at least I can start to calculate how much extra in there a month will make a difference.

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