Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Product for Craft Fair

So I've been trying to come up with some other ideas for the upcoming trunk show in addition to my stuffed animals. I've gotten some great input from friends with a little more experience with these things that it would be good to have some less expensive items on the table. I came up with the idea of some children's building blocks. They are 1" wooden blocks decorated with vintage children's illustrations and recycled book jackets. One lesson learned - the modge podge that I used to adhere the paper remains a little bit tacky even after dried so I will need to put at least one layer of a clear acrylic over it. I'm trying to find an adhesive that will be sure to be non-toxic so that in the event that the blocks get put into little mouths, there's no worry.

I would love feedback from readers on the blocks. Do you think that I'm using too many images? I like the idea of two sides being larger images that can be used as a puzzle, but I'm not sure if having images on all the other sides is just too busy. What price point do you think that these would sell well at?

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Anonymous said...

Kate, these blocks are great!
I found a small set of rectangular wooden blocks (just four of them) that had simple drawings of dogs on one side, ducks, chickens and flamingoes on the others. They were $1.50 at the dollar store so the non-toxic part went out the window) Mimi loved them and they were a really simple and cool puzzle for her to start with. I love the designs you are using on these and the vintage-ness makes them even more exciting! I would pay between 9 and 15 bucks for them..I don't want to lower your price point, but I also think it's important to consider parents don't always have lots of extra money. If I had these, I would save them for my grandkids (providing they made it through the first round!), they are really cool! Nina