Thursday, September 25, 2008


So here's some photos of a new product for my Etsy account. I got some great feedback on these at the craft fair, but no purchases. That was either because a. they were more expensive than people wanted to spend at a craft fair, b. they were hard to see the impact because they had to be folded on the table and you couldn't see the full impact, or c. the colors weren't what people had.

I plan to offer them on Etsy as examples of what I could do for custom orders. That way people could order specific color schemes or phrases or names. And I think that I'll create a few that say things like "Congratulations", "Happy Birthday" and "Happy Holidays". Ron thinks that I should do some that might be more appropriate for adults.

I would really appreciate some reader suggestions.


Anonymous said...

I think lettering/typography is so awesome - you could try offering some short custom phrases - fffound is a good place to get some clever ones. "I like your face" is one of my favorites that a friend does as art in typography.

Nina said...

I want one of these for Mimi's room!
She is still learning the alphabet and this would look so cute on her wall! I think I could find at least 3 people with new babies to buy them here! how much are they?

Valley Flower Company said...

i think ronnnnnnald is right.

i'll take one that says "fuck it"...