Friday, January 16, 2009

Idea in the Works - Wedding Photo Booth

So I've been tinkering with the idea of creating some sort of photo booth set-up at our wedding and trying to figure out the particulars. I don't want to rent a booth or build a booth, so I figure that we can set something up. And I want it to fit in with the whole country picnic idea. I'm thinking about stringing up a quilt between two trees, having a stationary camera set-up - likely a digital camera mounted on a tripod with a remote trigger, and some fun props and costume items available for dress-up. I'm guessing we'll need to ask somebody to sort of be in charge of the project and the go-to person in case of problems.

I really like the idea of having it hooked up to a photo printer so that folks can print out the image and then insert it into our guest book pages. Friends did that at their wedding with polaroids and I thought it was adorable. Apparently though a lot of guests didn't figure out what to do with the pictures and ended up taking them home as mementos. Could also get expensive for printer paper. Also could be a little too complicated for some guests to figure out. And then there's the issue of dealing with children in this whole project.

Anyhow, I saw photos of a wedding on StyleMePretty (scroll down through pictures to see the Photo booth) that really got me excited about trying to figure it out. The bride (who is also a professional photographer) was kind enough to let me know about how it went and give some tips on set-up.

Readers - what do you think of the idea? Cheesy or fun? Easy or too hard to coordinate? What are some of your ideas for making it work and of course keeping it affordable!


pam said...

hey kate! that's so funny, thom and i are planning on doing the same thing for our wedding. : ) love the idea.

Anonymous said...

Super Fun idea!
I love the idea just as you listed it, quilt and some costumes or fun hats to use, tripod and remote or trigger.
Stay clear of the printing out at the scene and just upload them all to a photo site afterwards where people can download or order prints..I love it!

Rena said...

not cheesy at all... i went to a wedding a few years back with a traditional photo booth (old style b/w), and right outside was a table with the guest book, scissors, markers, etc.

if you're making your own photo booth kind of setup, i think i'm with nina to make the logistics easier (unless you are going to have somebody man the booth all night). you can put them all on a flickr site later and allow people to save them or get prints made. that way you can have copies of all of them, and so can they, but they'll still have the fun of controlling the photos and participating as much or as little as they want.