Wednesday, August 1, 2007

8 weeks to go

So in April Ron and I made created a challenge for ourselves to lose 50lbs each by our birthdays in September. Whichever of us beats the challenge can name the birthday gift that the other person has to buy for them up to $400. The idea was that hopefully we'll both win and so just get to blow a lot of money on each other and feel happy. If just one of us wins, that would really suck because then one person gets a really fancy bday gift and the other gets something very small and inexpensive.

Needless to say, I realized yesterday that I only have 8 more weeks to go and still have 18lbs left to lose. That averages to 2.25lbs a week which is a lot. I'm a little nervous - especially because the gym is closed next week. I think that I'll probably have to work out every day to make this happen because god knows, I'm not going to stop eating.


ginevra said...

but that means you've lost a lot so far! go girl, go!

travis said...

dude, that's awesome.