Wednesday, August 1, 2007

And of course, Potter conclusion

I forgot to post about Harry Potter. After all of my excitement and expectations, we got the book on Saturday morning at about 1am after standing in line at Barnes and Noble. Let me just explain what we had to endure in order to get the book so early...we showed up around 10:30 with our friend Nora thinking that we'd get to walk around a little bit and check out the "party" before having to get in line. No luck, the lines were already formed and we were definitely nowhere near the front. And we were surrounded by teenagers on all fronts. In front of us, a couple that reminded us of that painful period of angst when you feel desperately deep and misunderstood. Occasionally popping pills from a prescription bottle that they handed around to each other and sprawling out on the floor, these kids definitely bought most of their outfits from Hot Topic and were attempting to relive Robert Smith's heyday.

Directly behind us were two people standing in line independent of any friends - one girl who shrank into the smallest corner possible and was almost unnoticeable and a boy who was incredibly disturbing. Lurking around, this guy was using a straw as a wand and was cursing people as they passed by. As if muttering "cursio" and "ava kedavra" under his breath while flicking the straw wasn't wierd enough for a 16 year-old, he was also detected reading "Mein Kampf". At a certain point, his aggravation levels were heightened so that he gave up cursing and resorted to miming a shot gun. Behind him, was a group of about 10 girls all giggling and shrieking periodically.

In the end, though, it was well worth that hell to get the book and start reading in book when we got home. Ron finished on Sunday at about 5am and I finished later that Sunday afternoon. The book met all of my expectations. It is by far the best of the series and pulled everything together really well. I teared up, I cheered and I couldn't put it down. Nough said.

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Oh the humanity!

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