Friday, February 22, 2008

Brushing away the cobwebs

Just finished up a good week for sales from my Etsy account. Sold a purple pony to a buyer who is coming back for her third animal from me! It never ceases to amaze me that a total stranger happened upon my work and bought something, but that they keep coming back for more is just too much to take in. Not only that, but I finally sent out the door a custom order for a mobile that came in several weeks ago off Etsy. Due to a number of factors (attempting to develop a new pattern, getting the dog, getting the flu, having a friend visit, work, etc.) it took me much longer than I anticipated. However, I'm really quite pleased with how it all turned out in the end and am eagerly awaiting the reaction of the buyer when she receives it in a couple of days.

I'll be spending my weekend working on several animals which I'll be offering for sale through a local Savannah store in March. Maybe it's the spring weather and flowers starting to blossom or the fact that my schedule is opening up a bit, but I'm finally feeling motivated and creative again.

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