Thursday, March 6, 2008

KatyDidCrafts animals now on sale through Moss in Savannah

I'm super excited to announce that my animals are now on sale through the store, Moss, in Savannah on Wright Square. The store is one of my favorites for browsing and gifts and I finally worked up the courage to talk to them about what I make. I was so pleased that Colin and Ryan, who run the store, were interested in adding them to their children's section. I'm pleased to think that they'll be on display where more people might see them and show interest. Not only that but I will admit to a huge thrill seeing them out there in a pretty display cabinet. I'm still working on getting some things done to post on etsy after the cat incident, but for now you can find some pieces at Moss.


DottieMazz said...

pretty freaking cool - i must say!!!

favs include: aqua and tan and pink on pink

andrea said...

amazing! and even better that ollie can't pee on them if they are on display. :)

Brook said...

Would you make a boston terrier stuffy?

dirty bird said...

Awesome! This is perfect