Thursday, March 26, 2009


So last night I finally went grocery shopping. We were long overdue and starting to spend money on just grabbing food to go because we didn't have much to cook with. Since it had been more than two weeks and I needed a lot of cleaning and pet supplies I knew it was going to be expensive. But I took the time to actually go through some of the coupons I had clipped, made a list (which I only deviated from for two items - chips and salsa), and then bought store brand or sale items whenever possible.

I am psyched - I saved $33 just in coupons and sales. That seemed like a lot to me. And I found out that Kroger doubles manufacturers coupons. So that deodorant that was already on sale with a $.50 coupon ended up costing like $.73 instead of $3.

You will now start to see me like those little old ladies with their coupon organizers walking around the store.

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Rena said...

i am such an impulse shopper. i totally admire this new behavior of yours. my friend nicole is so good at buying only what's on sale that week, and always getting store brands. i spend most of my money on food!