Thursday, April 2, 2009

Less Debt = More Independence

One more card down! This morning, thanks to a generous engagement gift from my Grandmother, I was able to pay off my Discover card in full and send extra to my last (and biggest) credit card. I calculated the interest that I would save if I used the gift to pay off debt and it's as if she doubled the amount that she gave me I'm saving so much.

That means that in the past year that I have been seriously working to pay off my debt, I've eliminated two credit cards and my car payments to the tune of elimating $8000 in debt.

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Andrea said...

woohoo!!!! it is really incredible how good it feels not to be carrying around the extra credit card debt. soon enough you'll have the last card paid off and won't know what to do with all your extra cash. maybe you and ron can wallpaper with it. :)

Mr X Stitch said...

That is awesome.
My wife and I are on step two of the road to financial recovery, and haven't reached any milestones like yours yet, but I can't wait til we do!

Well done!