Friday, April 10, 2009

Wedding Dress for $91 off Ebay!!!!!

I got my dress!!!! I decided to go with buying vs having one custom made for two main reasons - it would be way less costly and less to organize. If our situation were different, I would have loved to have Emily still make my dress and I loved her ideas. But ultimately my responsible nature won out. However....

I'm thrilled! When we first got engaged, I saw this dress from JCrew and loved it. I ordered it from their site and tried it on and loved it immediately. "I feel pretty and I can still play croquet!" I said to myself and I knew it was the one. I returned it though because I knew I had seen it online through and ebay for cheaper. Turns out I got it brand new and unworn off ebay from a girl who waited to long to return it to get a refund. And I got it for $91 including shipping. And it's perfect.

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Rena said...

holy shit! nice work.