Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bouquet Trial

I got to spend an afternoon with my Mom and sister (also the Matron of Honor) trying to see how difficult it is to make my own bouquets and boutinieres for the wedding. I'm planning on getting local flowers that are in season the week of the wedding at a nearby organic farm.

We picked up a number of flowers from the local market. They aren't what will be in season in the fall, but I just wanted to get a sense of how hard it is to make a bouquet and tie it with ribbon. It's not that it's too hard really, but it was somewhat time-consuming. The boutinieres were actually really easy and those I can definitely plan on making up for the men. My sister is of the opinion that if I'm already making the table arrangements, it would be far easier to just have the bouquets professionally done. There's something to that, but I do like the idea of working on it with some family members and having the memories of that.

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