Friday, February 2, 2007

1st post.

so...I've been considering a blog for awhile now, but have mixed feelings about it. i mean, who am I that my thoughts, interests and experiences need to be published for the rest of the world to read? And yet, I find that this could serve two major purposes for me - first, to keep my own projects and interests somewhat organized and retrieveable and second, to keep my friends and family updated on what I'm what I'm doing. I've come to accept that I am a really terrible correspondent and that asking them to read my blog is a way of putting the onus on others to keep updated.

The plan, then, is to post any and all things that are interesting me of late. I'd like to commit to writing at least one book review a month, showing off at least one creative project, and including some fun and interesting links to things that interest and inspire me. With all that in mind, I will not be treating readers to any of the gossip that might be a part of my everyday life. Maybe some anecdotes about my cats, but I swear that's really as personal as it will likely get.

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