Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Film Review: Marie Antoinette

Okay so pretty much all the movies I see are long gone from the theaters since we do the Netflix thing. Just watched Marie Antoinette and I have to say that it was the biggest waste of two hours in a long time. The fact that Ron left the room to shave his beard and sculpt his mustache and my anticipation over waiting for him to come out was the peak of the evening says a lot.

The film is visually stunning for sure. It was actually filmed in Versailles and the costumes are incredible, but that definitely does not make up for enduring the rest of it. There was essentially no plotline except to show the difficulties that Antoinette had in getting her husband to get erect and her shallow, boring life. Add on to that a soundtrack that made no sense in relation to the content. I never thought that I'd be bummed to hear The Cure, New Order, and Gang of Four, but the fact that they were used to in the context of celebrating the existence of such a useless individual was sacriligious. Finally and worst of all, we are robbed from the pleasure of seeing the woman's head cut off!

All in all, don't bother unless you feel like putting it on mute and just want to see the scenery.


negaller said...

When I saw this in the theater, I thought it was OK - but this was probably due to the movie theater experience. In retrospect it is pretty vapid...but maybe that was the point?

DottieMazz said...

That's a Sophia Coppola flick right? I saw the Virgin Suicides and had pretty much the same opinion of that movie as you did of this one, except there were no fancy costumes to redeem it. As far as I'm concerned Francis Ford and Jason Schwartzman are the only two Coppolas worth my time. Watch Shop Girl.