Friday, February 9, 2007

Two actions in response

I'm still thinking about global warming - and still about that polar bear - after seeing "An Inconvenient Truth". In response, I'm taking the following two actions:

1. Recycling in Savannah. As absurd that I find it that we don't have municipal recycling and that the city considers selling the energy created from incinerating all our trash as "green", I'm having to pay for a recycling service. For $15/month, I can have a service come and pick up my recycling and bring it to local recycling centers for me.

2. Replacing my lightbulbs. After an initial investment into CFL bulbs, I can actually save money on my electric bill and the cost of replacing bulbs in the future. They should last about 10 years and take almost $.75/month off the cost of running each light fixture.


andy said...

will you be pulling the light bulbs out of their sockets when you move back here?

Anonymous said...

We watched I T for a second time yesterday afternoon with Pat Pineo. Hmmm A pile of Gold!!! or The Whole Planet. I wonder which would suit me better. (Of course you can't take it with you whereever you plan to go other than Earth. Gosh, we even have recycling out here in the sticks! DAK