Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

Sunday after the in-laws left we decided to put up a Christmas tree. A little early, but it was really fun. We had to try three stores to get the right kind of tree stand and ended up at Wal-Mart which I try my best to avoid. In any case, we made up for it by spending a little extra to buy a tree from the Lion's Club since they donate all proceeds to charity. Plus they let us take all the free extra greenery cuttings we wanted.

You can tell that we really amped up the childhood memories with this tree. Big colored lights, garland, big glass balls. We listened to Christmas carols, drank eggnog and at one point Ron had to run out for more garland. Definitely reminded me of growing up. It's pretty awesome to sit by it at night with all the lights off. Now if we can just make sure the cats don't play with it too much, it should be alright.


andrea said...

now you need to make some felt reindeer and candy canes for the tree!!!!

DottieMazz said...

It looks awesome and you're right it does remind me of when I was little with that giant garland!

Anonymous said...

Oh How exciting! It's lovely! We're doing it up this year too now that Amelia is old enough to appreciate it. We're trying to instill some non-commercial Christmas memories in her early so she'll have a good sense of the real meaning (to us anyway) of Christmas. Hope you guys are doing well!