Monday, November 19, 2007

Vandalism Tribute?

My friend Jen took this photo after noticing the "Fafa" spray painted on the sidewalk. The strange thing is that it's literally just feet away from where I used to live in the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston. Second house in the photo is where I lived for about 6 years. FaFa is painted right in front of the old entrance to the vacant lot that we used to cut through to shorten our walk to the subway. And it definitely wasn't there when I lived there 3.5 years ago. Not too many people still use my old nickname and most of them that do no longer live in Boston. Is there somebody who just couldn't bear to walk through my old 'hood without paying me a tribute?


andrea said...

maybe it's mike wood's way of saying "i miss you kate."

jen said...


Yen said...

Wow, suddenly I want to go back and visit Boston. And maybe have "The Wood" do my taxes again.